As you’re reading this, we’re driving up the East Coast for our three-month journey. Hopefully at this point we’re in Virgina, closer to Maryland then home, but whether it’s going fast or slow I’m already feeling the anticipation and excitement.

Originally, we thought it would be cool to create a lifestyle of travel and exploration, and really this idea of ultimate minimalism and adventurous living was our main motivation. But as time wore on, and our family became stretched and spread, our reasons behind our ‘why’ for traveling shifted a bit. Yes, we want to explore and see some new, wonderful things. But we also want to dig deep and search for intention and find new life.

A Sabbatical is what it was jokingly referred as, months ago- and as it turns out, a ‘Sabbatical’ is what it’s shaping up to be. A time of reflection, of research, of rest. Except, instead of being work-related or project oriented, it has everything to do with our family and preparing ourselves for the future. It has more to do with thought and purpose than the wild, carefree vision we originally held for it.

I remember a few months back, sharing with a friend some of my hopes for this next season of travel. I was anticipating that we could spread love, that we could be hope-filled, that we would make a difference in the places we would visit. But now, as I’m picking up the pieces of my own wounds and doubt, I realize I’m actually in need of a bit of extra love, a bit of hope, a bit of change. I’m not nearly in as good of a position to serve as I thought, and I have to allow myself the margin for preparation and personal care.

This Sabbatical? This has turned into more then just a fun time away. These next couple of months have transformed into a new season of purposeful reflection, away from the distraction of our everyday, normal life. Away from the requirements of social expectations and business essentials. Just the three of us, praying and talking and thinking and growing. Of course, all while walking the cliffs that outline the sea, drinking local coffee, donut tasting, and wandering the chilly neighborhood streets of each place we’re staying. But since those are things that bring us joy, that fill us to the brim of satisfaction and purpose, I figure they are worth doing.

These next three months carry some high expectations, rather, hopeful expectations. Hope that we’ll leave this season with better clarity for our family purpose, both together and individually. Hope that we’ll gain greater empathy and become more flexible, but at the same time grow more specific in our dreams and passions. I suppose maybe this is a lot to hope for in a three month period, but yet I do hope for it. Not just that, but I choose to anticipate it and am expectant for it.

A rest from work, a break from our every day life. A time of rest and study, to work towards healthier habits. This is what the next few months are made for, this is what my heart is searching for.


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