Small Steps of Rest

Over this weekend I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a really, really long time.

I got denim hair.

And as you can see, I’m over the moon about this.

It’s exactly what I’ve been needing for a year- something fresh, something new, something creative that make me feel good in my own skin. This blue hair gives me hope that for the days that are too lazy for make-up and and too stressful for anything but a messy bun, I still look fabulous.

And, okay, I know that might be taking it a bit far. ‘Looking fabulous’ just because I have denim hair is kind of a stretch. But honestly it doesn’t matter- as long as I feel fabulous, I am fabulous.

I’ve wanting to do this for what feel like forever, but I was too scared to take the plunge. Blue hair? That’s crazy. Especially for a mom and business owner who has other things to do. But man, I really need a refresh- and this was the perfect remedy.

If you’ve been around here long enough, you’ll know I struggle with my motherhood identity and just figuring the hard days out. It’s hard some days to believe that I am a person outside motherhood, that I have a unique identity that matters. Because in the trenches, it feels really tough and really, really isolating.

It was easy for me to think that because I’m a mom now, I can’t have blue hair. Or any cute, trendy, or slightly outrageous hair cut. Not because other moms don’t do this or because it’s wrong, but I felt like for me, as a mom, I didn’t have that freedom to be myself.

This weekend, I proved myself wrong. I did something I’ve always wanted to do that was just for me and nobody else. I did something that refreshed my soul and my outlook.

I’m more than a mom, I’m Veronica. I’m a wife and mother, yes, but I’m also creative and passionate about more then a housewife role. Is that bad? I don’t think so. I’m two dimensional, I have purpose outside of dishes and lullabies- and I couldn’t see it for a little bit. And as silly as it seems- doing something spontaneous and that was just for me that I’ve been wanting to do reminded me that right now, life is beautiful and that despite hard days, life is worth something even if I’m not yet at my dreams, at my goals. Blue hair reminds me to take time to rest and enjoy these days.

What do you need to do?

Your days might not look like mine. You might not have a child at home who challenges your perspective and makes you question your purpose, but you may have a similar story. Maybe instead you are at a mediocre job that is not what you want and makes you question your value. Or maybe you’re still single, still alone, and feel if you had worth, you’d at least someone interested in you. Possibly it’s a bit darker, and you feel as though there are some days that there is no potential at all for your current circumstance, for your current way of life and feel a little bit like drowning.

I don’t know your story, I can only think up possibilities for your own self-doubt and struggles. But no matter where you find yourself, pause right here.

What do you need to do?

There are big answers, of course, but small steps can’t be ignored.

Take some time to refresh yourself. Take work off for a day and go on that hike, book that couples massage. Do something spontaneous that fills your soul and reminds you what rest, what rejuvenation feels like.

It’s not selfish, it’s self-care. And you need to take care of yourself before you can take good care of others.

For me, I needed to get blue hair.

What do you need to do?



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  1. Veronica, you are beautiful with any hairdo that you choose. Your beauty shines from within to the outside. Personally, I like the denim hair but one day you will change it again. We all need changes & that self care. It brings confidence up & energy. Besides, denim matches RED (Jeff’s hair) really well. It’s amazing. After many years of dying my hair because I started graying at 17 I finally let my real color grow out. I did that because I was dying my hair more often than washing it & i just couldn’t enjoy dyed hair any longer. Well, I discovered that my hair turned like my Dad’s did. It is like a blonde white. It’s not grey at all. So, the color is more pleasing. What I don’t like is my hair’s texture has become more like hay. Oh well, at almost 62 it’s okay. I am pleased not to be like some who need more hair. Hugs & enjoy your new hair & if you change it again then it’s okay. It’s kind of like picking a wardrobe. You can always change it. Hugs & happiness. Cheryl Henson

    1. Thanks so much, Cheryl! I agree, I won’t have denim forever but right now it’s a nice change. 🙂 I know color can do so much damage to your hair! That’s another reason I waited forever to dye it- I didn’t want to destroy my hair. 😛 But I’m glad I went for it!

      Thank you again!

  2. The hair is lovely; more ice queen than mermaid though; 🙂 In a good way. Like Elsa… <3 I'm having hair anxieties also; althought my latest looks good I AM considering purple (Or 'eggplant' if you prefer-) I've also considered a pink mohawk; but I think pink's not my color. 😛 Love you bunches. xoxo

  3. I actually didn’t recognize you! Wow! I never heard of denim hair. Looks good. Next time do a front picture. I have never dyed my hair but if I ever do it would be purple my favorite color. Enjoy life don’t worry about tomorrow and don’t worry about what other people think. You are so young. You are just starting out. You will experience so many things in life. Some good some not so good. You will cry you will laugh. You will be happy and when sadness comes knocking shut the door on it and choose Joy. Choose to make the best of the situation. One day in the far future your gonna say. I wish I knew what I know now back then. Or I wish someone had warned me. But wisdom only comes with age and when we go through our trials and tribulations. And when we are young we don’t like to be told how to live. So enjoy life and smile a lot. And praise our Heavenly Father when you are up and praise Him when you are down. Just remember that when you feel alone He is with you. Carrying you. It’s His foot steps in the sand. Congratulations on your new look! Have fun and don’t forget get to laugh a lot. Peace, love & Joy.:-)