I am so excited for spring. And, guys, this is new for me- I am not typically anxious for spring to come. I’ve always been a winter & fall girl, loving the colder weather and nights spent out by the fire pit. But this year- I don’t know why exactly- I am so excited for the warmer weather, for the trees to grow back it’s leaves, and for the Blue Ridge Parkway to actually stay open.

hello spring

I’ve never been a huge decorator when it comes to different seasons and/or events (except Christmas. Always Christmas), but in our small apartment I do want to celebrate each season, along with the unique gifts each season brings. Spring, for example, makes me think of rejuvenation, of new life.

It seems so fitting, actually, to celebrate spring in this new home. I feel fresh, I feel rejuvenated, I feel like I will actually enjoy these warmer days without longing for the winter months.

Honestly, I want to approach every season the same way as I see spring this year- full of excitement, full of life, full of possibility. Whether that season is summer, or whether it’s a season of financial difficulty. Whether it’s autumn, or whether it’s a season of loneliness. Whether I ‘feel’ it or not, I want to celebrate where I am at.

There is something to learn from every season of life we go through, something to hold on to that grow us and make us better. Something to give us hope for a future.

This spring, instead of dreading the heat of summer and the slowness that comes with it, I am enjoying where I am at right now. I am enjoying the songbirds, I am enjoying the warmer air, and I will breathe deep and meet life at its slower beat.

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  1. I love Spring too. It’s like a new start.. People got attached to you guys in the little house. Please make a video every couple weeks and tell us how you are. With love, Savanna

  2. So happy to see you are writing again!!!!! It feels like a family extension that you missed for months and get to see again. YES, I love spring too!! I love the freshness of spring & cool breezes. I love to see flowers, grass & leaves blooming & growing everywhere. I still miss the Bluebonnet Fields of Texas where I lived most of my life. But, in Kansas there are flowers too. Spring is a season full of New Life, Hopes, Dreams & Ambitions. Spring is the motivative season that God gave us to Feel the Life he gave to us in a Sweeter Happier Fragrant time of year. For all that surrounds us at this time of year there is an Earthly Blooming Celebration of the gifts of Easter. It expounds the glory of The Gift of Life itself. I love every season. You see, if all the days were the same around us we would never be motivated to get out of bed. I am so grateful to see your post today. Thank you for taking precious time to write. I am glad you are not so wrapped up into YouTube like some people. Hugs & I hope everything is looking good for y’all there in that little town. Hugs hugs hugs.

  3. I Miss Y’all! God’s Blessings and long distance hugs unto you!
    Here’s a new music Video by my Friend Natalie….OUTSTANDING!!!!!

    here’s the single https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/footprints-single/id1093675060
    Speaking of Spring and new beginnings, how about giving new start for Haitian Kids with Food and Necessities and trauma counseling?
    If all you do is pray for these Kids, it will be a tremendous blessing to them.

  4. I Miss Y’all! God’s Blessings and long distance hugs unto you!
    Here’s a new music Video by my Friend Natalie….OUTSTANDING!!!!!