Summer Bucket List – Asheville, NC

Bucket List for an Appalachian Summer

Well, it’s pretty much officially summer. Yes, I know that technically the correct day is June 21st (the more you know), but after a three day weekend and warmer weather it only seems fitting to celebrate a little bit!

Last summer was super great. It was easy to get out and do things because we moved to a brand new area and wanted to explore it. However, near the end of summer (and once fall rolled around), doing these new things rolled to a screeching halt. It became just easier to stay home where it was comfortable and not really get out and enjoy the place we were in.

This summer, I want to set some goals- a bucket list. Goals for myself, to create some space and margin that encourages rest, and goals for our family to get out and enjoy the beautiful and artistic city we live in. For both accountability and inspiration, I decided to share the most important ones with you!

Family Goals 

  • Hike Some Beast Trails. Okay, I don’t mean anything super intense here. We’re surrounded by gorgeous hikes that take minimal effort and have amazing views or waterfalls. We’ve only done three really awesome trails (granted, we’ve done two of them twice) – and each experience was unforgettable.  On my list: Graveyard Fields, Black Balsam Bald, Looking Glass Falls, and Mount Mitchell.
  • Walk Often. We’re actually super close to easy, paved walking trails all around our neighborhood that connect with surrounding areas. There’s all sorts of little creeks weaving in and out around the trails, and green areas for Joy to run around and play- perfect space for us to set up a picnic. What more do we need to get outside every day?
  • Get Downtown. I love downtown Asheville, but the only time I actually make the time to go down their is if we are showing it to family or doing some church-related event. Ouch. We’ve never been to the infamous Drum Circle, and could maybe count on one hand the amount of times we’ve been downtown for a festival (which, in case you don’t know, Asheville has a festival literally every weekend in the summer so there’s not really an excuse.) This year, they are doing a Father’s Day Festival, the LEAF festival, and countless others featuring local craftsmen & artists that I am dying to experience!
  • Take a Day Trip to Fontanna Dam. Fontanna is where I first visited and fell in love with the Blue Ridge mountains. I have fond memories of visiting my cousins, swimming in the lake, and walking the dam itself. I’d love to bring Jeff and Joy to experience some of that with me!

Personal Goals 

  • Pick Up a Book. You may see a separate post specifically with my summer reading list, but all you need to know for now is I got some books on my shelf that I’ve only made it half-way through (or haven’t started at all). Taking the time and space to read is healthy, right?
  • Start a Exercise Routine. Something simple every day that helps me get back into shape and take care of myself. It’s been easy for me to brush it off as ‘not as important’ as other things, but I want Joy to grow up seeing her mama take time to keep herself healthy.
  • Spend Intentional Time in the Word. With the summer mentality, it’s easy for everything to get thrown up in the air and productivity goes down. And with the freedom the lack-of-scheduale brings, it’s easy to change our focus from my Savior and back onto myself and what I hope and desire to accomplish. Currently, I’m digging She Reads Truth and their raw & honest studies.
  • Explore Some of our Local Coffee Shops & Bakeries. It’s no secret that Asheville has a plethora of amazing cuisine, some of my favorites being Hole Donuts & West End Bakery. Some other ones on my list to try are Vortex Donuts, The Hop, and Dobra Tea.

This is my informal but definitely accurate list of goals for this summer. I don’t want to, years down the road, look back at our time in Asheville and regret not actually living here!

PS I made a Spotify summer playlist with some of my favorite artists for you to check out as you do all of your summery things. This was our jam all day yesterday as we munched on watermelon and ate some delicious pizza. If you’re looking for some good tunes for the beach, or picnic, or a backyard baseball game – give it a listen! You can find it right here.

The links in this article feature small businesses and websites. I get no compensation for referring- these are genuinely business & hikes I am excited about experiencing and wanted to share with you! Please see our disclosure policy. 🙂 

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  1. I couldn’t find an e-mail address, so I’m commenting on this post, since it seems appropriate. 🙂 Our family is going on a camping trip this September, meeting family from Florida halfway… in the Asheville, NC area! We already have lots of ideas (one of them Looking Glass Falls), but I thought perhaps you might be able to suggest some must-see, must-do things. Thanks!