The Sea

Breathe in the salty sea air. Close your eyes and embrace the wind. Listen to the sounds of the waves crashing against the sand, the breeze whistling through the trees, the crush of feet on sand. Breathe and let your burdens go. Relax and let them be. _____ Friday, we took a trip to Newport […]

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Rain and Hope-Filled Places

Photo by Christine Farmer

“So often I fear the unexpected, wishing to micro manage and control every little detail. But I’m finding out those unplanned, worst case scenarios can actually be wonderful. Tonight everything went wrong and nothing went as planned. At first I fought off tears as my vision collapsed before my eyes. But time wore on and […]

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In The Unknowing

2018 is shaping up to be a year full of transition and uncertainty. It won’t be the year we thought it would be just a few months ago– and in a lot of ways, it’s truly a wonderful, liberating thing. In the middle of this change we’re seeing form in our hearts and in circumstances […]

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For Those Who Need Hope

For some of us, though, the New Year can be isolating. The better tomorrow seems impossible. A silent God, hopeless dreams and the reality of loneliness seem to step in the way of the excitement of the season because at this point, it really feels as though nothing can change. So we grin and bear it through the turn-of-the-year parties and resolutions, knowing things won’t change but deep down wishing they would.

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New York Taught Me Something

I could talk all day about this incredible city and the sights we saw and the people we met, and honestly I learned so many different lessons that would be too long to detail here. But what I realized, what I’ve learned and had to chew on for days, is that it really takes absolutely nothing to be happy.

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Don’t Stop.

Lazy September Days

But now, it’s time to explore creatively again. I made the hiatus a little bit worse by wanting to come back to blogging, back to civilization, perfect. What I mean by that is I wanted my branding to be spot-on, I wanted to be satisfied completely by my presentation, I wanted you to think I had it all together and knew exactly what I was doing.

That’s so inaccurate, and because of it I was missing out.

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I love having plants around the home. They bring a certain freshness to our space, and it’s something I can take care of that’s not so needy. I water it, I place it in sun, but it doesn’t take up all my time and effort. It’s a low-maintenance  hobby, really. Now I am sure there […]

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I don’t enjoy motherhood. They, whoever ‘they’ are, drilled it deep into me even as a child that motherhood is enjoyable. That there’s no greater calling, no better purpose, nothing more fun. Sure, they said it would be hard, they said it would be challenging and trying, but never did I expect the intense frustration […]

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My Struggle with Consistency

Picture merely for a hint of drama. There’s a lot of things I’m good at, and a lot of things I’m not. Truthfully, there’s probably more things I’m bad at then good… and that’s okay. But one thing that’s probably important for me to at least attempt to be decent at is consistency… and I’ll […]

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