The Sea

Breathe in the salty sea air. Close your eyes and embrace the wind. Listen to the sounds of the waves crashing against the sand, the breeze whistling through the trees, the crush of feet on sand. Breathe and let your burdens go. Relax and let them be. _____ Friday, we took a trip to Newport […]

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As you’re reading this, we’re driving up the East Coast for our three-month journey. Hopefully at this point we’re in Virgina, closer to Maryland then home, but whether it’s going fast or slow I’m already feeling the anticipation and excitement. Originally, we thought it would be cool to create a lifestyle of travel and exploration, […]

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On Tiny Little Tables

We’ve been going through our belongings, starting to prepare and set aside for our upcoming travel. Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration – by ‘going through’ I mean we’ve made a few lists and have had a lot of talks. We did sell our dining room table, though, so that was pretty adventurous of us. Now […]

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Why We’re Hitting The Road: Thoughts on Full-Time Travel

family travel bloggers road trip across USA

Traveling full-time has been a goal of ours ever since we’ve gotten married. The logistics look different and our family dynamic has changed, but nonetheless this is a dream we’ve always had and hoped one day to pursue. This idea of a nomadic lifestyle was one of the main motivations behind building our Tiny House back in 2015, and followed us when we moved to Asheville.

In short, we’ve always desired to live simply and see the world. That’s really all there was to it.

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