Thanksgiving Menu || Tiny House Style

Who says you can’t have a great & super yummy Thanksgiving in a Tiny House? Not this girl!


It’s a fair assumption that because we live in a Tiny House we would be spending Thanksgiving elsewhere, right? I mean, we do have limited storage options and a small oven- definitely not ideal for the pounds of food that Thanksgiving normally celebrates.

Despite the obstacles (albeit small ones) we chose to spend Thanksgiving at home, and to still cook up our favorite bells and whistles for the Holiday!

Main Course

Turkey, of course! Jeff found this sweet recipe online that allows us to cook our small, 5-pound turkey in our crock-pot (didn’t I say those are essential!?). He’ll be cooking it with a bit of pre-cooked bacon to ‘seal the flavor’ in. I’ve never heard of this before but I’m excited to try it!

Side Dishes

We’re sticking pretty traditional sides, with some mashed potatoes and corn-on-the-cob. Also, what’s Thanksgiving without a little bit of stuffing- my personal favorite! I grew up with a mother who would home-make the stuffing every year (with saved breadcrumbs and all!), but this year because of lack of storage and lets be honest, major lack of knowledge, we bought a little pre-madeish stuffing bag with all the crumbs and seasoning. We’ll be adding some essential ingredients such as celery and onion to give it the necessary texture that *is* Thanksgiving Stuffing.


What’s Thanksgiving without a couple hundred desserts!? Just kidding of course, but seriously.

We’re making a deeelicious lemon meringue pie (upon Jeffrey’s request), and an apple pie. Originally, we were just going to save the apple pie for the next day when we celebrate Thanksgiving at Jeff’s parents house, but his mother already had that covered. So although apple pie is not one of Jeff’s favorite, I’m making it anyway! Apple pies, hands down, are my favorite thing to make for Thanksgiving.

Although typically I wouldn’t include ‘drinks’ under ‘dessert’, I will make an exception in this case. After all, ‘ginger ale’ and grape juice is mostly sugar anyway! We’re mixing the two together (whaaat!) to create a grape-soda sort of drink. My family growing up would call this ‘October Ale’, based on the Brian Jaques books. Of course, I forgot about this phenomenal idea… until Jeffrey re-discovered it on Pinterest.

So, there’s that- our Tiny House Thanksgiving Menu! Keeping it simple, yet classic. We’ll be vlogging some on Thanksgiving so you can see how this holiday unfolds in our  Tiny House. So check out our youtube channel to see more Tiny House updates and ideas!

If you had to choose only a few foods for your Thanksgiving meal, what would they be? Do you have any favorites- and what food could you definitely live without? (For me, I can always do without green bean cassarole!)

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  1. I love traditions, but don’t necessarily need to have traditional food. I actually love a good spiral sliced ham done in the crock pot, or some roasted venison – yum! I do love whole homemade cranberry sauce and butternut squash, but those aren’t only relegated to one holiday a year!

    I do NOT like pumpkin pie, but I have made pumpkin cheesecake bars in the past, which are awesome. 🙂 My sister makes an awesome potato tart that she makes for almost every special occasion – I consider that a must-have. Some sort of savory side (wild rice pilaf, mashed potatoes, butternut squash, etc.), maybe a salad, cranberry sauce… and dessert! This year I made a cannoli cake because it’s also doubling as a birthday cake for a gal who loves cannoli.

    BTW, I make chicken in the crock pot all the time, then using the trimmings to make chicken broth. If you have room in the crock pot, you could do the mashed potatoes, too! I usually do them separately, but if you have a small enough bird, it might work. I love my crock pot!

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Oh my goodness, you seriously are making me so hungry! Some of these I’ve never heard of, but am so desperate to try now- such as potato tart and pumpkin cheesecake bars. And its totally brilliant to use the trimmings for broth- that’s on my cooking bucket list, to learn how to properly do that!

      1. This is the recipe I use for those pumpkin chocolate cheesecake bars (although I tend to change every recipe I make!): Broth in the crock pot is so easy – to the chicken parts add water, carrots, celery, onions (really you can use veggie cuttings you’ve saved in a container in the fridge), a splash of cider vinegar, and put it on low overnight for up to 24 hours. I strain everything out and put the broth in freezer containers. Not sure what recipe my sister uses for potato tart, but I think the crust is a basic pie crust, and inside there are sliced potatoes, cream, cheese, herbs/spices – so good.

        1. this looks AHMAZING. I will be trying the pumpkin cheesecake this Christmas, even if it’s not *technically* pumpkin season 😉 Potato tart sounds good! I’ll have to look it up. Thanks so much!

  2. Tradition is what you make it. =) Thanksgiving is for the purpose of celebrating the courage and survival skills of the 102 people who boarded the Mayflower and landed in mid November without pre-built shelter or food supply or any guarantees of what the future might hold. Thanksgiving has come to mean glutony (yuck!) for many people. Not about food waste, pigging out, or football and parades! It’s about giving thanks. Sounds like your THANKSgiving has a wonderful start celebrating in the home you built with your available resources. Have a FANTASTIC day!

  3. Happy belated Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas. May your days be filled with JOY. Love y’all & put some insulation on that water source outside & heat tape. Be happy, be safe!!!