Tiny Blessings

Today’s the day! Jeff and I are excited to share with ya’ll some incredible beginnings that are coming true in our life!

Over the past few months God’s given us a growing desire to live simply, which we define as living honestly, generously, and fully- without materialism, comparison, or greed. Although we know it’s impossible to live a perfect life, we do have some plans to take steps in our own story to live life to the maximum.

So first-

1) We’re going Tiny

Literally. As in, those Tiny Houses you’ve probably seen on HGTV or FYI are going to be similar to our future home.


Now, in case you aren’t familiar with the Tiny House Movement, the Tiny Nation is a group of people who are choosing to majorly downsize the space they live in. By downsize, we’re talking living in spaces between 100-400 square feet.

While personal reasons range from making a smaller footprint in the eco-system to saving money, Jeff + I choose to pursue living Tiny to live a simple yet comfortable life that frees up our time & finances to focus on what we are really passionate about.

This is the biggest next step for us right now! While we are so excited to get started building our home (yes- we’re building it ourselves!) and will be saving money in the long run, $30,000 is a LOT to come up with- especially when that’s more then we make in a single year. We’ll post a more extensive post soon on the whys & hows of Tiny House dreaming + building soon. 🙂

2) We’re going Traveling

Yes, that’s right- this blog is going to be part Tiny, part travel. At least, that’s the direction we’re heading. We’re not heading to Asia quite yet (one day, hopefully!) but will start traveling some of the States and hopefully snagging some gorgeous photos as well!


We really don’t want doing Photography as a business to suck all of our passion for it out of us … so we’ve decided to combine it with our aching desire to travel to keep it fresh for us and purposeful. Part of the point of us going Tiny is to take a major step in freeing up our finances so we have the liberty and ability to see the world- and take photos doing it! We have some trips planned (some small, some big) and are so EXCITED to visit these places and share a bit of the journey with everyone.


It’s sort of scary just throwing your dreams out there. These are a bit of our desires for our life- and I’ll be the first to admit that they are ambitious for sure, uncertain for definite, and subject to not go as planned. However, despite uncertainty, we don’t want to live our life in fear of these dreams and plans failing, but rather embrace them and face them head on. We decided to share these ‘2015’ goals with whoever cares to read it because we want you, too, to be inspired to take a chance in something that YOU want to do. Whether it’s traveling, building your own house, or something completely different, we want you to be encouraged in the fact there are other people out there with crazy passions and dreams that may or may not work- but that’s not enough of an excuse to never try.

So, what’s your passion? What keeps you awake at night and makes you dream big during the day? More importantly, what’s in your way? Sure, all lives look different and every dream has it’s own course- but even the smallest of starts is the greatest of things.

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  1. God has put this on my wife’s and I’s heart as well. We would like to live in a tiny home and live below our means and live with what is only necessary to be able to bless others in our process. I will be looking forward to your journey and the process.

    1. That is so exciting! What an awesome calling. We’re working on a post currently about the ‘hows’ of building a tiny house, so hopefully you will find that helpful!