Tiny House Tour

Last week, Jeffrey made a super fun ‘tour’ video of our Tiny House. It’s not really a typical tour, as we aren’t really talking and music is the main dialogue, however it gives a super close look at some of the details and personal touches we have put into our home! And then this past Wednesday, Jeff created a more detailed video that explained and showed the main indoor applainces we chose for the Tiny House. Whether you are hoping to one-day build or are in the middle of it right now, hopefully this will help you with the researching + picking out the needed appliances that are just right for a tiny home! We know it can be super tough finding what you need in the right size that is safe. Clearly, Jeff is much more of a videographer then I am. 😉 Let me know in the comments what type of material YOU are looking for in building, researching, and dreaming for your own Tiny Home!


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