Tiny Living: A Month's Reflection

The days have just moved so fast here in our Tiny House. We moved in June 17th and this past Wednesday marked a full month in this space (say what)!?


To me, that’s absolutely crazy! It seems like we’ve lived in this little house both a lot longer and a lot shorter of a time then it actually is. Our morning routines seem so natural it’s as if we’ve done them our whole life, while our laundry process is still a work in progress.

And that’s okay! I was hoping that once we moved in, everything would fall into place naturally and easily, which of course is not what happened. But the whole downsizing, living-tiny process was so much easier then everyone seemed to anticipate, predict, and say in all of our research and conversations.

We don’t feel tight or cramped. I don’t know if it’s just our personalities as a couple, or if living in 160 square feet really isn’t as dramatic as it’s made out to be. We took lots of careful consideration into what pieces of furniture we brought with us and the design of our house, and I feel like in the long run the time and importance we placed on ‘comfort’ really went a long way. Despite no couch and a major lack of separate rooms, this place feels more like home then any of our previous ones.

But the space isn’t perfect. All of the careful consideration in the world doesn’t replace experience. Although we love our current set-up, we know it will change and grow as our family changes and grows. We’re in the market for a slightly comfier yet space efficient living room ‘couch’, and desperately need handles on our cabinet doors. The kitchen sink is choosey about when to let me use hot water, and our shower head isn’t good at cooperating (read: everything gets wet. Everything). Because of these rather annoying yet workable imperfections, I am learning patience. Lots of patience.

Living small forces you to face personal flaws. I’ll be the first to admit that I am such a clutter magnet. I’m as disorganized as anything and really struggle with keeping my clothing drawers in even a recognizable condition. So living in this space makes me have to own up to my own messiness (why, yes, that’s my dirty tshirt in the bathroom floor which is currently acting as a rug) and to do something about it before it drives us both insane. My husband, on the other hand, is incredibly meticulous and neat. In a bigger house, I had space to be messy. But now, this space isn’t just mine or Jeff’s- it’s both of ours, and I need to respect our mutual space and protect it from clutter-monster Veronica.

And changes the way you view shopping and gifts. Jeff + I have never been big shoppers. Although we love to window-shop and can spend hours in Hobby Lobby or Target, very rarely do we bring loads of new things home. However, my goodness, do we love surprises. We find the smallest excuses to buy cute little things for each other that seldom make a lot of practical sense (although we do hold onto them forever) and don’t get me started on Christmas time. But living smaller forces us (in a good way) to look at what practically makes sense in our space and how, in the long run, it will affect our space.

But your basic lifestyle and who you are doesn’t change. We still leave dishes in the sink for way to long. We still have a tendency to choose fun over work. We still stay up way to late and don’t eat near as good as we would like to. And that’s okay. Tiny living may change your environment and motivations, but we are still in charge of our priorities and our own, unique lifestyle.

And I guess that’s why I’m loving this so much. The freedom to be where we want, the flexibility to do what we want, and the coziness of a small, imperfect space that we call home is too much for me not to like. Although there have been (and will continue to be sacrifices), a month in a Tiny House has been nothing but a wonderful growing experience.

What changes in your life have caused to you take time and reflect? Is it time for you to jump out of your comfort zone and make a change?

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