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The past week has been crazy here at the Rogers house! I’ll get right to it- on Sunday, we drove to North Florida to pick up our trailer for our Tiny House. Tuesday marked our first day of the build.

Is it just me, or does this seem to be moving really fast now? It seems like we left off with “we’re building a Tiny House sooner then later!” and sooner has come, well, really soon.


So lets talk about our trailer (for all those interested)! Jeff and I are building our house on a not-so-flexible budget of $12,000. As you’ve probably heard, the trailer takes a huge chunk of the money. Jeff and I decided to go with a new, custom-built trailer from the company we bought our plans from, Tiny Home Builders.  We paid $3,500 for a 20-foot trailer. I know- it’s too good to be true! There was a catch- we had to drive five hours to Deland, Florida to pick it up. This isn’t the case for everyone- Tiny Home Builders do deliver. But since we wanted to start asap and love road trips anyway, we opted for the cheaper, quicker option.

So, what are the options for Tiny Home Trailers (especially those of us on a tight budget)?

Find a Used Trailer 

pros:  Discovering a already built, previously owned trailer is obviously ideal for future Tiny Housers on a tinier budget. Finding a pre-owned trailer on sites such as Craigslist will save you bunches of money and potentially the time waiting for a custom one to be made.

cons: Since your future Tiny House is going to potentially be your actual home, it’s important that the foundation is solid. There’s no guarantee a pre-owned trailer is stable enough or will be a suitable fit for some essential requirements (such as weight) that are unique to Tiny Houses. Plus, finding the perfect pre-owned trailer for your ideal home (although it saves you ‘building time’) is likely to take much longer to find- and dedicated time to searching.

Build a trailer

pros: Building your very own trailer would save you money, because it would literally be like a wholesale price. If you’re handy with a hammer, it could also be a enriching experience and you’d have the knowledge the whole House (even the foundation) was handmade with love.

cons: Um, you’d really have to be handy with a hammer… and a whole lot more. Depending on your experience, this could either be a money saver or a huge pain in the butt. Building a Tiny House is challenging enough- building a trailer needs a whole different set of tools and expertise. Especially if you are a beginner trailer-maker, this process wouldn’t save you time at all- in fact, it could take longer, and depending on your recourses when you add up tools, materials, and professionals all together it would be about the same.

Buy a custom built trailer

pros: Buying a trailer built by professionals for your plans specifically saves you the headache of worrying that your trailer won’t carry your house or fit the plans you’ve created or bought. It also saves you time searching for a pre-owned trailer or attempting to build it yourself.

cons: Although it may save time, it will still take at least two weeks for you to receive it. More importantly, though, custom trailers usually range from $4,000- $6,000, depending on the builder and their location. That’s a lot of money!


Ultimately, the way you decide to go in finding your perfect Tiny Home trailer will be fantastic- because it’s yours! Of course there are many different ways to go about getting your trailer in those three paths- and neither way is right or wrong! I would definitely encourage you to do your research. Read lots of tiny house blogs and see what others do. Know the specs, the cost, the everything.

If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, check out this article by Mariah at CometCamper. If you’d rather go the route of finding or having a trailer built, check out some of the specs, pricing, and misc useful information at Tumbleweed Houses or Tiny Home Builders.

Best of luck with finding the perfect trailer for you! Let us know what your thoughts are. 🙂 Which direction do you think you’ll go for building your tiny trailer- and how close are you?

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  1. Congratulations on your big step! We went yet another direction with our trailer – we purchased one intended for hauling cars, but made the custom adjustments ourselves (with help) to accommodate a tiny house. Looking forward to seeing your next steps! It’s so cool to see another couple doing this at the same time as us.