What I’m Giving Up This Christmas

A Christmas Celebration in a House on Wheels

Right now, I seriously can’t think of anything that beats living in a Tiny House. Okay, actually if our Tiny House was nestled somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains THAT would win hands down, but other then that I’m pretty content in our small space.

But, obviously, living Tiny means that our family will have to make some sacrifices this Christmas. We choose our lifestyle for an abundant of reasons, two of the most important ones being financial freedom and materialistic freedom. So that means our Christmas list looks a little bit different, as well. Our budget is significantly smaller then last years (especially with a new baby!), and obviously we have very little place to put access items!

This Christmas, I’m giving up the small gifts that are really fun and make me smile, but after the new year tend to gather lots of dust and eventually end up at the bottom of some black hole. This includes ‘gag’ gifts and gorgeous wall decor that has no place to go. This year is a lot lighter in the gift department. However, choosing to buy our family less gifts and to focus our money and time elsewhere has allowed us to focus on the true meaning of Christmas and to be more intentional about what we do buy or make.

This Christmas, I’m not having guests over. I love entertaining and the Christmas season is perfect for holiday parties and having friends and family over. But in a Tiny House, not only is it impractical, but people aren’t really interested in socializing inside. (I mean, our house is great to ooh and ahh over, but people see it as a totally different ball games to actually sit down in it!) Going to parties instead of hosting them allows our extra time to be a lot less stressful and gives us the flexibility to come and go as we wish to keep our Christmas season full of “yes'” to our family and “no” to stressful, unnecessary burdens. (Have you read ‘The Best Yes?‘ If not, you totally should).

This Christmas, our decorations are minimal. A tree, a string of lights, some garland, and a bow on the door. That’s all that adorns our house this season… no manger scene, no outdoor lights, no candles. Decorating minimally gives me the gift of a clean home without extra things to keep putting back into place and re-arranging constantly (I can’t be the only one who does this!) Opting for a fake tree means no pine needles to sweep up constantly- and in a tiny house, it is so nice to not have to worry about constant tree upkeep in a small space!

This Christmas, our holiday dinner will be light… very much like the dinner we had Thanksgiving. Although a simple meal is so much less fuss, it’s a lot less festive and breaks the traditions I grew up with.  Despite the fact I will be going without multiple kinds of pies and casseroles this year, I am grateful to focus the meal around simple dishes that I know my family will enjoy.

Although I can look at this list and focus on the things that are maybe abnormal or different then what I might hope for, I choose instead to focus on the things I’ve gained this holiday season. Living in a Tiny House means we can’t always do things the way others might, but I am grateful to celebrate the small freedoms and gifts this lifestyle brings.

What are Christmas traditions you couldn’t do without? Do you think ‘living small’ would altar your Christmas?

Thanks for reading today’s post! Check out our YouTube channel, where we vlog about what real life looks like in a Tiny House! Keep your eye out for a  video + blog post coming out soon to show you what Christmas decorating actually looks like in a Tiny House!

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  1. I think at some point it would be nice if you guys had a deck or some additional seating outdoors. On nice evenings you could have people over for a fire pit get together. I love those!!

  2. Veronica, I love your writing of what you are giving up & I have been through that before. I became divorced at 30 with 3 little kids. We discovered every year the true meaning of Christmas & we all have good memories of that time. This year for you is a year for you to learn the joys of motherhood & the great responsibilities. I think the LOVE of you & Jeff can make your Christmas everything it needs to be. Pick out one together movie or game to enjoy. Entertainment of others can come later in future years. This is a great Christmas for the Joy of a new family. Embrace it & have NO tears. You have a good life & now is a good time to plan the future. Bless your marraige & new life together. It is not always easy. Hugs & its NOT what you are giving up but rather what NEW life you are accepting. Hugs & love. It will all get better as you go & grow. I have 5 grandbabies & I re-married years ago to a good guy. Your Jeff is good so just partnership together & make a plan. Merry Christmas & be full of Joy!!!!

    1. Great idea (((((((((Cheryl)))))))) have you seen this great movie “The Road Home” (1999 film) Be prepared!…. have lots of tissues!
      My husband David and I will never forget this movie!
      Its about a devoutly committed Chinese couple
      Merry Christmas !!!!!!

  3. We decided to go with a simpler Christmas this year too, not because of a tiny house, but because we were tired of the waste, both financially and materially. Such as all those items we would stuff in stockings that got tossed a few days later. True, they didn’t cost much, but what a waste!
    I love your blog, by the way, and the videos. Very inspirational. Merry Christmas!

  4. Ironically, living small would mean a more charitable Christmas for others. Definitely some food for thought ….and the local pantry!!!!…. GOOD questions y’all! Of course traditions would need to be tweaked, but over all, Christmas would still be AWESOME! since it’s about giving after all! And that “giving” tradition is tops here in my house! (((((((((((JEFFVERONICAJOY))))))))))))