Why We’re Hitting The Road: Thoughts on Full-Time Travel

family travel bloggers road trip across USA

Today, we shared some news. We’re selling everything we own, we’re packing our bags, and traveling across America.

In February of 2018, everything we own will be sold or given away, and the essentials will be packed with us in our car. We’ll be road tripping from destination to destination while renting monthly through Airbnb, living in the cities and towns that interest us.

Traveling full-time has been a goal of ours ever since we’ve gotten married. The logistics look different and our family dynamic has changed, but nonetheless this is a dream we’ve always had and hoped one day to pursue. This idea of a nomadic lifestyle was one of the main motivations behind building our Tiny House back in 2015, and followed us when we moved to Asheville.

In short, we’ve always desired to live simply and see the world. That’s really all there was to it.

The heart behind our desires to travel is the same today. Of course, now we have our sweet baby Joy, so although the intention is the same there is more reason behind our ‘why’.

We want to explore and grow together, as a family, pursuing these crazy, off the wall dreams. Not ‘despite’ having a little girl, but with her equally being a part of this journey. She may not remember anything we do in the next year, but that’s not the point. We’ll remember. We’ll remember her growing up and exploring different places, we’ll remember the way she stayed close to us in Savannah or found a favorite animal friend in Austin. And there are some things she’ll remember, too, bits and pieces of memories from her toddler years she may recall down the road. At the very least, she’ll remember subconsciously how she felt in new situations, how to handle change, or how to interact with someone very different from herself.

We’re waiting until February 2018 to kick all this off for one simple reason: our apartment lease ends then. Not only is it impractical to pay a ton of fees to break the lease, we also don’t want to just up and leave our city. Asheville is our ‘home base’. It’s where our friends are and some of our favorite places. We’re not in a rush to leave this amazing city, but rather we’re absolutely excited that it is the place we get to prepare for our next season.

I know it seems like we’re announcing it all too soon – why on earth would we share that we are moving so far ahead?

Living in a different place every month with only the things that fit in our car is going to be a huge lifestyle change. It’s going to take a lot of organizing, a lot of decluttering, a lot of planning and preparation. There’s just too much thought and time going into this that it would be hard not to talk about. We are ready, for better or worse, to start sharing our journey now, while we’re planning, praying, seeking, and learning.

We’re absolutely pumped for the next 7 months. In these months, we’ll dream and prepare; It’s the part of the process where we’ll form the actual blueprint for where the next year will take us. There is excitement in this season, too – and we want to invite you to be a part of it.

This is where you come in. We want suggestions for awesome cities and towns here in the USA, your best decluttering tips, and honestly any encouragement you can send our way. But the main reason we’re sharing all this publicly is because of you. We believe dreams are given to us for a reason, and that whatever dreams are seeded in your heart, they are meant to eventually shine. It’s not too late to fulfill your potential.

Of course, we do realize how idealistic this all sounds. It sounds crazy – and really, it is crazy. We know we might face bumps or hiccups in our journey, and we know it might look vastly different then we imagine. We realize we might fall flat on our faces and fail.

Don’t worry too much – we’re going to be fine, whatever happens. We’re fortunate to have family and friends who will catch us if we fall. But we would rather live this life fully intentional with every step, reaching for the farthest dreams, then regret not trying at all.

Did you see our video? You can watch it below!

What dreams are nestled inside your heart?
What’s one big, crazy thing you hope to accomplish one day?


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  1. Great idea to see the world but I would do one thing besides waiting for lease to be finished in February 2018. I would get mega jobs & save save save as many dollars as possible. You can get money for you tubing but also have this to use as needed. It can cost to be on this adventure.

    1. Thanks so much for your advice! Yes, we are working on making sure we are financially smart with our choices – we don’t want to do something we’ll only regret down the road. Fortunately, as of now we’ve been able to reserve places that are the same cost as the rent we are currently paying. Grateful for you!

  2. Hey, Gulf Shores and Hamilton, AL are two places you two should definitely check out! Gulf Shores has a booming Fine Arts subculture and Hamilton has beautiful scenery and lovely people! Pretty such lodging would be fairly affordable too!

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! <3 We definitely want to make our way to Gulf Shores at least – preferably sooner then later! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Meg! Actually, we lived just outside of Charleston for almost two years. It’s one of my absolute favorite cities, ever! We’d love to rent a little carriage house in downtown later on in our travels. <3