Workcation | Franklin, Tennessee

Sunday, we had the immense honor of documenting a gorgeous wedding in Franklin, TN- over 8 hours from our home in here Charleston. Although we went to Franklin for business, we found (a little bit) of time to relax and explore this gorgeous historic town in the foothills of Tennessee.




Instead of going the hotel route for our room, we choose to try out Airbnb for the first time. And can I say, it was such a blast. Maybe we got extremely lucky with the room we chose, or maybe Airbnb really is all it’s cracked up to be!

We stayed in a cozy house (called the Harmony House) and had the best hosts. Personable yet not overbearing, our hosts were considerate of our needs and comfort! Win/win.

Since we were only able to explore a short amount of time, there is no ‘top three’ or whatever in this post. We got to try out some delicious food for lunch & dinner of our non-traveling days and ya’ll- if you choose to go to Franklin for the food alone, it is so. worth. it.

We ate at Taziki’s Cafe in Downtown Franklin for the most yummy Mediterranean food. Hey, it may not be a local joint to Franklin, (which we didn’t initially figure out) but Jeff + I really don’t try Mediterranean and actually like it a whole lot, so I count it as a success in my book!


Then we visited the Frothy Monkey. Super local, super good. Be prepared to open up your wallets, but the food & drink is SO worth it. I got the most delicious breakfast tea, and Jeff got a mocha. Both better then Starbucks. Plus, their roast beef sandwich is PHENOMENAL.



The small town itself reminded me of a smaller, more mountainous version of Charleston, SC. Same classic charm, brimming with historic vibrance and significance many small towns these days lack.




If your curious for a slightly closer look at our workcation, take a peek at our youtube channel where we vlogged our roadtrip and a bit of Franklin!

One day, we will be back to visit Franklin with more time and energy- but for now, our short little visit was good for the soul and extremely satisfying.

Goodbye for now, Tennessee.

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